First Dog Bo Obama upstages the First Lady's Christmas reading

Christmas may be over but news is still buzzing over First Dog Bo stealing the show during the festivities. First Lady Michelle Obama visited the Children's National Medical Center to read Twas the Night before Christmas and the surprise everyone got was nothing short of hilarious.

It's been tradition since the 1950s for the First Lady to visit the children's hospital during the holidays. Bo jumped up on the First Lady's lap as she was beginning to read the popular Christmas story which shocked everyone but Mrs. Obama. Apparently Bo has a habit of doing just that at home too!


I remember when my dog was a puppy he would take every opportunity to be close to the family by jumping onto my parents bed or laying next to me on the couch. So to see Bo behave this way brought back plenty of memories!

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Michelle responded to his actions by telling the kids: "This is exactly what he does at home! He tries to beat Malia and Sasha to my lap." It's easy to ignore Mrs. Obama's storytelling as the first pup hilariously stole the show!

Even President Obama took to his Twitter to post a picture of Bo prancing around the snow in front of the White House. The Portuguese Water Dog seemed to be in the Christmas spirit for sure and I expect we'll see more of his funny behavior again.

After all dogs can be like children and Bo has proven that even though he's not a puppy anymore, he still has the personality of one. I can't wait to see what else he has in store for us next year!

Image via YouTube

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