Amazing video captures 2012 in just 6 minutes! (VIDEO)

This past year, 2012 has been a tumultuous one filled with highs and lows, incredible accomplishments and devastating losses, stories of both hope and tragedy. It has been a year impossible to describe in just words…but one creative YouTube user has managed to capture it all in one amazingly moving video, entitled "2012: What Brought Us Together."


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The video compiles clips from pretty much all of this year's biggest events from the good (like the Olympics and a whole slew of amazingly creative proposals) to the tragic (Hurricane Sandy, Amanda Todd, and the more recently devastating Colorado and Connecticut shootings). The creator also incorporated pieces of this year's most popular YouTube videos and songs (I spotted Carly Rae Jepsen in there), as well as other important stories. Surprisingly, the election only seemed to warrant less than a half a second clip, which shows Obama sitting at a campaign desk.

Still, for the most part, I found the video to be incredibly thorough and really touching. So much has happened this year--many of the most affecting events within just the past few months--that it can be difficult to truly remember and look back on all of it. But this recording manages to bring together all the memorable moments and allows all of its viewers to reflect on everything we, as a nation, have been through…and all in just a little over 6 minutes!  

 Watch the entire thing here:

Image via YouTube

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