Jenni Rivera's estranged husband Esteban Loaiza invited to attend her funeral

Jenni Rivera's mom, Doña Rosa Saavedra, announced today that she finally got in touch with the singer's widower, basebally player Esteban Loaiza. The family confirmed that he will more than likely take part in the public ceremony that will honor la Diva de la Banda's life.

Jenni's mom told press in front of their Lakewood, California home: "I told him that I loved him, God bless him and give him the peace that he has given me." The house has become the unofficial designated place for admirers to come pay their respects to the late Diva.


"I think he should be in the public ceremony...but the private one is another matter," said Jenni's oldest brother Pedro Rivera Jr., who has become the de facto spokesperson for the family. "I have nothing against him."

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Although Jenni's mom and Pedro Jr. appear to have forgiven Loaiza for the pain he reportedly caused the singer, we don't know what the rest of the clan think, including Jenni's other siblings and kids. Unless he knows and is sure that the rest of the family feels the same way as Doña Rosa, I hope he's not thinking of attending Jenni's funeral. He shouldn't cause more pain to an already grieving family, but we'll see how they all get along during the public ceremony, which will be held at the Gibson Amphitheater in Los Angeles.

Up until this point, Loaiza has kept a really low profile, only giving some statements via telephone to Telemundo's El Nuevo Día morning show from his home in Michoacán, Mexico. "I can't even believe she's dead," he said, obviously moved when it was confirmed that Jenni's remains found at the crash scene had been positively identified.

In October, a few days after their second wedding anniversary, Jenni filed for divorce from Loaiza, for reasons still unknown, except that she herself called them "atrocities." The uncharacteristic secretive way in which she handled details and reasons for her divorce (as she was known to be very vocal and outspoken about many intimate details of her life) sparked a barrage of rumors, among them that Loaiza had stolen from the family and even that he may have had an affair with Jenni's oldest daughter, Chiquis.

Whether it's true or not that there was something going on with Jenni's daughter, I'd love to see what will happen when Loaiza and Chiquis meet. The only thing we know is that Jenni was estranged from both of them when she died. Guilt is a really heavy burden!

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