Stars and family will gather to mourn Jenni Rivera at memorial

Both a private funeral and a public memorial for Mexican American singer and reality star, Jenni Rivera, are taking place this week finally giving all of her family, friends, and fans get the chance to give La Diva de la  Banda a proper goodbye. Several of Rivera's celebrity pals will also be making the trip to Long Beach, California--the city where the singer grew up and where the ceremony will reportedly be held--to pay their respects, including fellow Latin legend Gloria Estefan.


There are varying reports as to when the private funeral for Rivera will be held, but a spokesperson for the family has confirmed that her public memorial (which fans will be allowed to attend) will be held Wednesday at the Gibson amphitheathre in Universal City. The services, dubbed a "Celestial Graduation," will be led by Rivera's  brother, Pedro Rivera Jr., and tickets will be required to attend.   

"We will celebrate the graduation into heaven, with honors, of our beloved mother, daughter and sister Jenni Rivera," the family said in a statement to the Los Angeles Times. "The Rivera Family appreciates all the love given to our beloved Jenni Rivera who graduated on Dec. 9 and now rests in the arms of our Lord."

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But it won't only be Rivera's family on hand. Her publicist revealed that Estefan, X-Factor host Mario Lopez, Snoop Dogg, and actor Edward James Olmos, who appeared with Rivera in the film Filly Brown are all expected to attend.

One thing's for sure--the ceremony will be beautiful and well-planned as Rivera reportedly left specific instructions on how she wanted her services to be. According to TMZ, she asked for Vendela roses to at her funeral. She also asked to be buried with Bella roses and wanted butterflies to be released once the ceremony concluded.

I'm just glad that Rivera's loved ones and fans will be able to join together and say goodbye at last. Her death was so sudden and tragic, but at least now, all those closest to her will finally get to give her the send off she deserves.

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