December 21, 2012: 10 things every Latina should do before the Mayan Apocalypse!

It's 2012, which means all year you've probably heard a whole lot of hoopla about the apocalypse that's supposedly coming on the 21st of THIS MONTH.  That's right people, we are officially only days away from The End Of The World.  

Of course, scientists and well, most people, are calling BS on this claim, calling it an exaggeration of the Mayan Calendar's prophecy—which, according to them, only marks the passage of one era to another. But there are still those others who are frantically decreeing that the end is near and we should all be running for our lives. For the most part, I rule with the common sense part of my brain but there is a little part of me that is paranoid and superstitious.

So just in case, I decided to come up with 10 things every Latina woman should do from now until that probably-ordinary-but-potentially-fateful day. Check it out below:

  1. Hug your kids. Then hug the rest of your family, no matter how huge. Then hug your friends. Heck, hug strangers if you want. If there's truly an apocalypse headed our way, I think we can all afford to be a little overly affectionate.
  2. Stop obsessively counting calories. Eat all the damned pupusas and tamales you want…at least until you've made it past Friday. Then you can go back to freaking out about everything you just ate.
  3. On that same note…drink! Not just alcohol, but whatever your preferred choice is. Starbucks, you can now expect me three times a day instead of just in the mornings. 
  4. Make an Apocoplaylist of all of the bad music you've secretly been listening to all these years anyway and play it OUT LOUD. Like really loud. You can even dance to it shamelessly. Also watch every bad movie you love—including those terribly cheesy rom-coms that make you cry.
  5. Stop worrying about the fact that you don't speak Spanish perfectly. Or English perfectly. Or whatever language it is you can't speak perfectly (a special goal of mine as I'm the "gringa" of my family.) Actually, just stop worrying period. Toss your anxieties to the side for a week and embrace the feeling of freedom.
  6. Make time in the bedroom with your significant other. No more "I'm too busy/tired/have a headache, honey's." The world could be ending people! (If you're feeling extra adventurous, you can even do it in public: see rules here).  
  7. Take time to talk and reminisce. Put away your cell, sit down and truly listen to all of your mami's and abuela's stories. There's a reason they're so wise!
  8. Say thank you. Your life would not be your life without having all those who you love be a part of it…so don't forget to show 'em a little gratitude.
  9. Buy your kids the puppy they've been asking for. I don't know how many articles I have to write to convince you, but now's the time to just do it already!
  10. Don't forget to laugh! As loudly as possible, all the time. Ignore the person sitting next to you on the train who looks at like you're crazy. Remember, you're celebrating life!

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