Adorable puppy who was 'shamed' gets awesome early Christmas gift (VIDEO)

The holidays are coming sooner than you think, and while we're getting presents for our kids, parents and other relatives, we can't forget our pets. But pets can be like having children and they too can be both naughty and nice. I know my dog would probably make Santa's naughty list countless times. But in these two videos, this pooch, Maymo gets both punished and rewarded.

You will not be able to resist his adorable and smart dog's conniving characteristics.



We first learned about Maymo in October after his owners made a video shaming him for bad stuff he's done around the house. They had him propped up with letter cards with his "crime" written on them. My favorite was when he chewed the face off an antique stuffed panda bear. Watch and see what got Maymo in trouble earlier this year. It's pure comedy!

Although he has a record of ruining nice things around the home and being a mischievous pup, Maymo still managed to avoid Santa's naughty list. In this irresistible new holiday video, you HAVE to check out what Santa brought him for Christmas.

It looks like Maymo is overwhelmed by how awesome his pyramid of bottles is and he had me rolling when he appeared wearing his Santa hat. I loved how his reaction is the same one my dog has when I hand him an empty bottle of water to play with. It's the little things that really intrigue them.

Watch and see what Santa brought Maymo once he shaped up in time for Christmas!

Image via YouTube

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