Chiquis tweets angry message over news coverage of mom, Jenni Rivera's death

Jenni Rivera's untimely death has devastated her fans, but her kids have been the most affected by it. Given that their mom was a huge superstar, media outlets are reporting rumors left and right about the plane crash. Naturally during this time, the family wants to be left alone to mourn properly withoutbeing bombarded with theories about their mother's death—especially if the public is being misinformed. Which is why Jenni's eldest daughter, Janney 'Chiquis' Marin Rivera is taking to twitter to tell off the media and others reporting on Jenni's demise.

Being part of the rumor mill herself, Chiquis knows what it's like to be a public figure and the object of celebrity gossip. Now she is furious at media outlets who are falsifying stories surrounding her mother's death and telling them that they need to consult with her and her siblings before reporting any news.


I can't say I blame Chiquis for feeling the way she does because being in the spotlight and mourning is almost impossible to do. I've always thought being a celebrity and having to go through a death, a divorce, or a break-up must be difficult because you are always being hounded by the press. What's even rougher must be dealing with the rumors they make up.

Chiquis tagged friend and former co-star, Raquel Cordova--of their reality TV show, Chiquis and Raq-C--in one tweet, telling her that she has no right to give interviews without asking for her permission first.

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Chiquis then attacked Telemundo TV reporter, Laura Lucio, and tweeted her saying:

"No tienes el derecho de abrir el osico (sic) no más porque lo tienes... Y muy bien sabes, igual que mucha gente que no fuiste "GRAN amiga" de mi madre!!"

Essentially, she told the Emmy-winning reporter that she shouldn't open her mouth just because she has one. Adding that, she knew fully well that she was never a good friend to her mother.

The Rivera kids were refusing to believe their mother was dead unless solid evidence was presented to them, so it upset them even more when media outlets began reporting that their mother had died without confirmation from police. She ended her rant by tweeting that she would like reporters to be respectful about her mother's death.

But despite her anger, the eldest daughter of the deceased singer thanked her mother's fans for their support and loyalty. We're hoping that Chiquis and her siblings are staying strong during this rough time. As Jenni Rivera's children it's certain that they carry their mother's strong-willed and resilient attitude which will help them mend the wound from this horrible loss they have experienced.   

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