'Grey's Anatomy' recap: Sara Ramirez FINALLY operates on Derek's hand & then yells at her wife!

After a lackluster episode last week, Sara Ramirez is back and kicking butt in this episode! Well, not so much butt as she's still working to figure out the best way to repair Dr. Derek Sheperd's (Patrick Dempsey) hand after last season's plane crash that ended two lives and left him unable to operate. 

This week's Fall finale included guest star Neve Campbell as Derek's sister who is willing to donate nerve endings in order to fix his arm, Bailey's (Chandra Wilson) wedding and one of the sweetest scenes ever between Callie and her wife Arizona (Jessica Capshaw). 


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The major news of the day, of course, was Bailey's wedding. She was really, really nervous. It was sweet but also a little bit nerve-wracking as she stressed out all day and tried to focus on work even as everyone around her was trying to get a date. There was a lot of awkwardness between interns and the new attendings trying to figure out who to take to the big event. Of course, Arizona was most nervous about being a bridesmaid because she couldn't wear heels. Luckily, Callie was there to comfort her and remind her that she's only a tiny bit less beautiful than she was before. 

Oh yeah, and Callie FINALLY got to operate on Derek's hand! It was monumental as she put him under and then tried to make small chat with the other doctors in the room while she continued the complicated procedure. Sadly, though, we won't know if it worked until next year. 

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Meanwhile, Christina (Sandra Oh) and Owen's (Kevin McKidd) relationship finally came to a head as he asked for a divorce and she later found out that it's because he wnats her and the rest of the group to have the best chance in their lawsuit against the aviation company and the hospital. Then, right at the end, Christina confessed to him that she wanted to try again and (yay!) they kissed. 

As they finished getting ready for the wedding and Arizona was having a hard time putting on the shoes she had to wear as a bridesmaid, Callie FINALLY broke down and freaked out on her. She screamed at her about the leg and how she hasn't had sex in five months (yikes!) and, thankfully, Arizona put on the shoes and they seem to have come to a happy resolution. 

Sadly, Bailey didn't get her happy ending as former chief Richard Webber's (James Pickens, Jr.) wife ended up coughing up blood in the ER and her husband-to-be found out she had been nervous throught the day. We were left wondering what is going to happen between the couple since, well, the wedding definitely didn't. 

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