If there's one thing I love about the holidays, it's being able to pick out a Christmas tree for my home. My family and I started buying real trees the last few years and I don't know how I ever did without one! A fake one may be easier to handle, but it doesn't compared to the freshness and extra Christmas feel the real ones have.

And of course along with a Christmas tree come decorations, lights, and tinsle--a process that is both tedious but rewarding. I also enjoy buying Christmas ornaments for the tree to give it some pizazz, but as I've learned not all ornaments are made alike. There are some that are cute, creative, and then there are ones that are just plain BAD.

By bad, I mean that they are either inappropriate, gross, or just crazy to even add to your tree. I mean why would I want a poop ornament on my fresh pine tree?

If you think that's bad, you haven't even seen the worst. Which is why we've compiled a list of the craziest Christmas ornaments being sold out there for your tree. Some of them I would never dream of putting on my own tree...but I guess whatever floats your boat!

In the meantime, check out our list of the craziest Christmas ornaments and beware if you come across any of these!

Image via reddit

Sarah Palin embryo 1

Sarah Palin embryo

Image via Etsy.com

Can this be any weirder? Who would want to hang an ornament of Sarah Palin--let alone her embryo with a gun?


'50 Shades' gingerbread man 2

'50 Shades' gingerbread man

Image via Etsy.com

We know 50 Shades of Grey is a big book trilogy, but did it have to take over the Christmas spirit? This poor gingerbread man has been Grey-ified!


Yule Poo 3

Yule Poo

Image via dogbedsandmore.com

Um, poop on a Christmas tree is so not cool! We'll pass on this stinky ornament!

Creepy Barbie and Ken 4

Creepy Barbie and Ken

Image via Etsy.com

This ornament ruined one of our favorite childhood toys. Barbie and Ken look like they're drowning in a pool of glittery glue and their decapitated bodies are just creepy.


Mermaid man 5

Mermaid man

Image via imgur.com

When we said we wanted a sexy man on our Christmas tree...this wasn't what we had in mind. This mermaid man is an ornament we DON'T want on our tree.


Naked elves 6

Naked elves

Image via Etsy

This is not the way we want to picture Santa's helpers. Elves are jolly people who NEED to be dressed, not naked like this crazy ornament!


Old man baby 7

Old man baby

Image via regretsky.com

And we thought the other ornaments were creepy until we saw this baby ornament. Except it's both a crying baby and an old man...nope we'll keep this little guy off our tree too!

Naked Santa and Mrs. Clause 8

Naked Santa and Mrs. Clause

Image via reddit

This one is kinda cute, although I can't help but feel it's disrespectful to Santa and Mrs. Claus! We all know they wouldn't dare walk around naked. After all, they live in the North Pole where it's too cold!