Watch as these adorable sleepy head babies struggle to stay awake! (VIDEO)

If you're like me, you tend to doze off in the most random places. My favorite in particular is while riding in the train, which is probably a bad thing, but I can't help it--the rocking motion is so soothing! So when I saw this video of babies struggling to stay awake, I couldn't resist sharing it with you. Babies are already adorable as is, but when they do funny things, they appear even more adorable and hilarious.

There are some hysterical kids in this video ranging from falling asleep in their food, to literally falling backward as they doze off. And some of them look like pros as they eat and sleep at the same time--how is that humanly possible?! Haha!


It's hard to decide which I like best since I love the little baby chewing away his snacks as he is seconds from entering cloud nine, and another baby who seems completely pooped out that he falls over from the exhaustion.

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I'm sure you can related too--especially after long work days when all you want to do is hit the sack upon getting home. Check out these adorable babies and tots and tell us which of is your favorite. We guarantee you it's going to be a hard choice!   

Image via Youtube

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