Jenni Rivera could have avoided death had she not changed her plans last minute

We reported yesterday that the jet in which Mexican American singer Jenni Rivera died had a sketchy past which involved DEA investigations and faulty engines. Today we are learning that La Diva de la Banda could have escaped death had it not been for last-minute changes to her itinerary.

The singer was set to make on appearance on the singing competition, La Voz de Mexico 2 in Mexico City and although she was offered an extra night to stay in Monterrey, she insisted on flying out that night. The plane was headed towards Toluca when it disappeared, crashing in a mountainous region of Mexico. We also learned that Jenni had plans on buying the plane in which she and 6 others perished this past Sunday.


It's awful to hear that Jenni's death could have been avoided if she had stuck to her schedule and it's even more shocking that she had intentions of purchasing this faulty jet. It's situations like these that make you wish you could foresee a terrible accident before it happens.

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Earlier reports said that the plane had engine issues in the past, but Christian E. Esquino Nuñez, an executive from the jet's company, Starwood Management, says that wasn't the case in the tragic accident. Instead Esquino Nuñez insists that it had to do with the pilots on board. He says that there was a chance that the eldest and most experienced pilot had a heart attack leaving the jet's fate in the hands of the newest operator.

Starwood's executive with a drug smuggling history, also shared that Jenni was taking the jet on a last trial run before purchasing it for $250,000. According to police, both pilots were flying the plane legally, but one of them had a temporary license which was set to expire in January. Although it's uncertain if the ages or experience of the pilots had a role in the accident, the president of a private jet advisory firm says that the jet was part of a series of aircrafts that were more likely to crash than other similar styles.

How absolutely heartbreaking! Jenni had attained such success that she was ready to purchase her own jet, but the plan sadly went awry. We will continue to keep an eye on further updates on this story and hope that Jenni's family soon receives a confirmed reason for the crash.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with her family, and especially her kids, during this trying time.

Image via Jacobyebale/ Twitter


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