Adorable toddler goes sledding with a little help from her dog! (VIDEO)

Winter is full of fun activities for kids, but one childhood favorite of mine is definitely sledding! Though I always loved it however, I know it wasn't always that fun for my parents. Why? Well, since we don't live around slopes, they often have to push and pull their children so that my sister and I could get a good ride. But as can be seen in this adorable video, one set of parents found a creative way to solve that problem--by using their freakishly strong Jack Russell Terrier, Diego, to pull their daughter for them!



Apparently, Diego has been completing this impressive task since the little girl was only one year old. That's right--she had her own dog sled when she was just a baby! Pretty amazing, especially considering that at the time, she was 25 pounds and the dog was only 10 pounds.

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But it's even more impressive knowing that now, a few years later, Diego is STILL happy to do the job --despite that the young girl is now a 40-pound 4-year-old and the pooch has barely grown! Thoguh normally I'd be concerned for the dog's health (hey, I'm an animal lover!), Diego seems to have no problem at all pulling her along! In fact, he seems perfectly content, running around in the snow with his owner sitting behind him!

Plus, they make for such an incredibly adorable duo happily playing in their own personal winter wonderland! Watching them, you can't help but crack a smile:

Watch Diego pull the young girl when she was only one:

And now that she's four:

Image via YouTube


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