'Modern Family' Recap: Gloria's new baby bonding technique is less than soothing

  In tonight's Modern Family, Phil and Mitchell team up against Claire and Cameron who want to convince them to buy a house together. The reason? They want to remodel the home and make money from it, but Phil and Mitchell are less than convinced that they can do a good job. In order to appear like supportive significant others they decide to manipulate the situation behind their backs, but their plan doesnt go as they intended...


 My favorite storyline though of this episode was Jay and Gloria's as the mommy-to-be decided to try out a new technique to communicate with the baby. She uses the old microphone and headphone trick to bond with the fetus, but Jay is less than delighted by her idea. It's especially hilarious when she's singing the 'Hush Little Baby' song off key and Jay decides to give in and save the baby from hearing his or her mommy's screeching voice.

Meanwhile Manny and Luke train for the little league team they've joined and prepare for their first game. Claire and Cam are busy contemplating on ways to remodel the home that Mitchell and Phil claimed to have agreed on buying and cleaning up an old field to make it useable for the boys' baseball team.

Eventually Phil and Mitch's scheme backfires when the two accidentally message each other in a group text and Claire and Cam learn of their partners' deception. After a night of fighting with their respective S.O's, Phil and Mitchell realize they were wrong when they attend Luke and Manny's first baseball game and see the amazing field transformation Claire and Cam were behind.

They then reconsider and decide that buying the house together may be a good idea, but Jay warns them it's a bad idea mixing family and business. The group ignores his warning and decide to follow through with the deal. Hmm, now I can't wait to see what happens with this story line. Does it tear the family apart or act as a positive asset? I guess we will have to see next week!  

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