Jenni Rivera's tragic death has left fans around the world shocked and saddened--not only because she was a music legend and a favorite reality TV star, but also because she leaves behind five children. But though the singer had a close relationship with all of her kids, by far the most tumultous--and therefore, most publicized--was that of her and her eldest child, Chiquis.

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Though the two were going through some difficult times before Rivera's sudden passing, it's clear that the mom always had the best intentions for her daughter--even helping her become a celebrity in her own right. In fact, just a few months ago, Rivera tweeted out a picture of her daughter in the newspaper with the caption: "Say what you want to proudest accomplishment has been to get my kids ahead in life all on my own. Chiquis is the first...ahead, my daughter!"

Here's a look back at the more of the ups and downs of their relationship. Our thoughts and prayers are with Chiquis and the entire Rivera family.

Pregnancy, Marriage & Birth 1

Pregnancy, Marriage & Birth

Rivera became pregnant with her first of five children, Janney “Chiquis” Marin Rivera, at the age of 15 when she was still in high school. In 1984, she married Chiquis’ father, Jose Trinidad Marin and in 1985, she gave birth to Chiquis, beginning a lifelong struggle of balancing marriage, motherhood, and a professional career


Divorce 2


In 1992, Jenni divorced Marin for being abusive. The following year, she found out he had sexually abused Chiquis and Jenni's youngest sister, Rosie. After evading the police for years, Marin was caught in 2006 and sentenced to more than 30 years in prison.   


Single Motherhood 3

Single Motherhood

Soon after their split, Jenni was on welfare, struggling to support her three kids: Chiquis and her younger siblings, Jacqueline and Michael.

Second marriage & divorce 4

Second marriage & divorce

In 1997, she married and had two children with Juan Lopez, Chiquis’ youngest siblings, Jenicka and Johnny. Jenni and Lopez got divorced in 2003.


Career highs 5

Career highs

Throughout this time, Jenni fought to keep her professional career on track. With the great success of her 2007 and 2008 albums Mi Vida Loca and Jenni (which reached number one on the Billboard charts), Rivera reached a new level of fame and in 2008, Mun 2, a division of Telemundo, launched reality show I Love Jenni. The show which followed the singer in her everyday life with her five children was a hit.  


Reality TV 6

Reality TV

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The success of I Love Jenni allowed Jenni to help Chiquis get her own spinoff reality show on Mun 2 called Jenni Rivera Presents Chiquis & Raq-C. It also did very well and was followed by a third spin-off for Jenni’s oldest daughter, Chiquis N’ Control, which showed Chiquis getting her own place.


Third marriage & divorce 7

Third marriage & divorce

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In 2010, in the midst a growing media spotlight, Jenni got married for the third time to Esteban Loaiza. They filed for divorce in October of 2012, amongst rumors that Loaiza had an affair with Chiquis. Chiquis herself took to Twitter to deny the allegations, saying, “Don’t believe everything you read. I would NEVER do that! Never! That’s a terrible accusation.” She also spoke out about the situation on TV.

Twitter Feud 8

Twitter Feud

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In early November, Jenni said that Chiquis’ boyfriend, Angel del Villar, insulted her in the parking lot of her recording studio. The singer tweeted about the confrontation, asking “What kind of man are you?”  Meanwhile, Chiquis tried to make amends with her mom (whom she reportedly hadn’t spoken to in over a month) by also taking to Twitter. “Twitter off!” she wrote. “I gotta go pray. This is too much. So sad and heartbreaking. I can’t even believe it. Mom @jennirivera you know how to get a hold of me.”


Tragedy 9


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It’s unknown if the two made up before Jenni’s tragic death. Though we hope the duo were able to reconcile, we also can’t help but wonder what’s going to happen to Jenni's oldest daughter now. Is Chiquis going to take over Jenni’s empire and continue the legacy?