Jenni Rivera's tragic death has left fans around the world shocked and saddened--not only because she was a music legend and a favorite reality TV star, but also because she leaves behind five children. But though the singer had a close relationship with all of her kids, by far the most tumultous--and therefore, most publicized--was that of her and her eldest child, Chiquis.


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Though the two were going through some difficult times before Rivera's sudden passing, it's clear that the mom always had the best intentions for her daughter--even helping her become a celebrity in her own right. In fact, just a few months ago, Rivera tweeted out a picture of her daughter in the newspaper with the caption: "Say what you want to proudest accomplishment has been to get my kids ahead in life all on my own. Chiquis is the first...ahead, my daughter!"

Here's a look back at the more of the ups and downs of their relationship. Our thoughts and prayers are with Chiquis and the entire Rivera family.

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