Jenni Rivera: Details emerge about the crash and her tragic final minutes

New details have emerged following the plane crash which took Mexican American singer, Jenni Rivera's life along with six other people on Sunday. The private jet had been flying from Monterrey to Toluca in Mexico when it disappeared. Mexico's Communication and Transportation official said the jet plunged from 28,000 feet in the air and nose-dived at more than 600 miles per hour.  The spokesperson added that the jet crashed 1.2 miles from where it began falling, and plummeted at a 45 degree angle which would have resulted in a strong impact.


Fans and family have refused to give up hope that La Diva de la Banda survived the crash, but meanwhile investigators have said there were no survivors on the jet and have been testing DNA from any remains they've uncovered.

Questions have also surfaced regarding the pilots and the American-registered aircraft because as Mexican officials explained, it's against regulations for an American aircraft to fly between two Mexican cities (it can fly internationally between Mexico and the U.S. though).

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According to Starwood Management of Las Vegas, the company that owns the Lear Jet, Jenni hadn't rented, but received a free flight because the company wanted to be promoted the jet as it was for sale. And because investigators discovered that the aircraft was flying against regulations between Mexican cities, they dug a little deeper and uncovered that in 2005 the plane had been badly damaged during a faulty landing.

Starwood has also been involved in many lawsuits, but none directly affected the plane Jenni and her crew perished in. Alarmingly the company is owned by Ed Nunez also known as Christian Esquino, a man who reportedly has a long criminal history which involved distribution of cocaine. The flight company has also been part of DEA investigations, including a plane detained in McAllen, Texas just this past September.

There's no word whether the jet had data recorders or if anyone made an emergency call, but investigators confirmed that the pilot was temporarily licensed to fly the plane. More details are still to emerge revealing what happened the day of the horrifying accident.

It's really sad to know that Jenni and the rest of the crew died under what may have been a faulty and illegally-run aircraft. These deaths could have been avoided had rules been stricter for aviation companies and if they had been put out of business in the first place. It was an unfortunate tragedy that the Latino world lost a musical legend that not only changed music, but changed the way the Mexican music world looked at women.

We offer our condolences to Jenni's loved ones during this rough time and hope they get justice and closure on what occurred to her on that infamous day.

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