'I Love Jenni': Jenni Rivera's most memorable moments on her Mun2 reality show

In the tragic wake of Mexican American singer, Jenni Rivera's death, Mun2 is planning on honoring her with a marathon of her reality series, I Love Jenni. Chiquis 'n Control, starring Jenni's daughter Janney "Chiquis" Marin Rivera, will also have a marathon of re-runs this Thursday and Friday.

Jenni tragically passed away in a terrible accident this weekend after her private jet went missing in the mountains of Mexico. Along with her legacy she leaves behind her family and many successful projects. Fans of Jenni knew the singer as a strong woman with a troubled past, but never a broken spirit. She was known for her hard work and for breaking through in the male-dominated world of Mexican banda music.


Her fans and family mourn their huge loss, but we all know that Jenni will never be forgotten. From her deep philosophical messages to her wise cracking remarks, she will be remembered as the strong willed and loving woman that she was.

The best part about her reality TV show is that it showed us all of these aspects of Jenni's personality. She was a real working mom who struggled day by day to support her family through any and all of her personal hardships.Jenni's kids kids are sure to follow in her footsteps. Here are our favorite Jenni moments from her show, I Love Jenni. We hope you enjoy them as we commemorate an amazing mother and musical legend.

Jacqui's boyfriend proposes- A big scene occurs in season 1 when Michael, Jacqui's boyfriend asks for her hand in marriage. In the hilarious scene, the mom brings out her protective instinct but approves of the proposal. Aw, how romantic!

Jenni's Breast Cancer Scare- In season 2, Jenni went through a huge scare on Christmas after her doctor found a small tumor on her breast and had to surgically remove it.

Chiquis and Jenni do a photoshoot- The amazing mother-daughter duo got selected to do the cover for Latina magazine in season 1. The shoot took place in their home and one thing for sure is their photographer is a hoot!

Jenni starts exercising...sort of- Jenni decides it's time to get in shape, so what does she buy? A stripper pole of course!  Jenni attempts to do stripteasing routines at home with her girls and it's not as sexy as you'd think.

Jenni's family gets a dog- Jenni has made it clear that she's not a fan of pets. But Michael brought in a stray dog and he found a quick attachment to Jenni's shoes. She makes him take the dog to get trained by his uncle who doesn't exactly do the best job as a dog trainer. Instead he looks to get the dog some female action, ha! 

Jacqui's wedding- Who could forget Jenni's TV special, La Boda de mi Hija,which showcased Jacqui's wedding. The ceremony was both funny and sweet-- and we expected nothing less!

 Image via Mun 2

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