Our favorite celebrity tweets from 2012

If there's one thing our favorite celebs love doing, it's taking to Twitter--and we can see why! After all, tweeting is quicker and simpler than posting on other social media sites. And what's great is when celebs re-tweet our very own tweets (follow us at @soymamalaina)! And sure we admit, we can be a bit nosy about celebrities lives, but it's because they're such amazing people!

This year that's coming to an end had MamásLatinas and their fans buzzing about the pics celebrities posted on their Twitter feeds. How can we forget Snooki giving birth, Shakira's worst hidden secret, and Ricky Martin's funny little mishap?

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If you're a true fan you'll remember these moments and then some. But if you don't--it's not a problem! We have rounded up our favorite top celebrity tweets of the year in one simple slideshow. Enjoy! And don't forget to tell us which you liked the best.

Image via Shakira/Twitter

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Giselle Castro is the Editorial Assistant at Mamás Latinas. She loves anything involving film, fitness, nutrition, social media and catching up on the latest entertainment news.

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Add Comment Which of these was your favorite this year?

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I don't find nothing cute on Mario Lopez ! But a celebrity whore!!!
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