If there's one thing our favorite celebs love doing, it's taking to Twitter--and we can see why! After all, tweeting is quicker and simpler than posting on other social media sites. And what's great is when celebs re-tweet our very own tweets (follow us at @soymamalaina)! And sure we admit, we can be a bit nosy about celebrities lives, but it's because they're such amazing people!

This year that's coming to an end had MamásLatinas and their fans buzzing about the pics celebrities posted on their Twitter feeds. How can we forget Snooki giving birth, Shakira's worst hidden secret, and Ricky Martin's funny little mishap?

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If you're a true fan you'll remember these moments and then some. But if you don't--it's not a problem! We have rounded up our favorite top celebrity tweets of the year in one simple slideshow. Enjoy! And don't forget to tell us which you liked the best.

Image via Shakira/Twitter

Mario Lopez in his skivvies 1

Mario Lopez in his skivvies

mage via Courtney Mazza/ Twitter

How could we forget this HILARIOUS picture Mario Lopez's wife Courtney Mazza tweeted of him this holiday season?


Shakira's baby sonogram 2

Shakira's baby sonogram

Image via Shakira/Instagram

With the Shakira baby watch, we were super excited to see her baby's sonogram? We can't wait till her little boy is born!


Snooki tweets picture of son holding her hand 3

Snooki tweets picture of son holding her hand

Image via Twitter

One of the first pictures Snooki took of her son was this adorable image of her holding his hand. How could we resist?!

Sofia Vergara's wardrobe malfunction 4

Sofia Vergara's wardrobe malfunction

Image via Sofia Vergara/WhoSay

who could forget Sofia Vergara's Emmy Awards night wardrobe malfunction? The zipper on the back of her dress ripped causing her best assets to be exposed. The actress had a good sense of humor about it and what did she do? Tweet it of course!


Thalia's flexibility 5

Thalia's flexibility

Image via Thalia/Twitter

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Thalia impressed us by tweeting a picture of what yoga has done to her body. And we haveto say it's done her body well! Her flexibility shocked us as she took a picture while staying at a hotel.


Ricky Martin in his underwear 6

Ricky Martin in his underwear

Image via Getty Images, Ricky Martin/Twitter

Who can forget how hilarious it was when Ricky Martin locked himself out of his hotel room wearing nothing but underwear? The Puerto Rican star took to twitter to tell his embarrassing but funny story. Too bad we didn't see him!


Juanes and his son on his birthday 7

Juanes and his son on his birthday

Image via Juanes/Twitter

This adorable picture of Juanes and his son stole our hearts! The birthday boy got his face painted and daddy did too as a Kiss band member!

Christina Aguilera 8

Christina Aguilera

Image via Christina Aguilera/Twitter

Oh, Christina, you never fail to amaze us. Christina Aguilera showed off her crazy hairdo when she performed her song "Make the World Move" on stage on the show The Voice.


America Ferrera during Election 2012 9

America Ferrera during Election 2012

Image via America Ferrera/Ow.ly

America represents girl power supports Latinos in the upcoming Presidential election as she posed for a picture with Voto Latino volunteers in Arizona.

Luis Fonsi 10

Luis Fonsi

Image via Luis Fonsi/Instagram

The singer tweeted the most ADORABLE picture of himself in bed with his wife and daughter. And we agree with him: Family is priceless.


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