It's been only a few days since Mexican singer, Jenni Rivera's death, but while her fans are mourning, the ones suffering the hardest are her 5 children. Rivera was known as La Diva de la Banda, but her most  important role was being a mother to Janney "Chiquis" Marin, Jaqueline Marin, Michael Marin, Jenicka Lopez, and Johnny Angel Lopez. Her children were important to Jenni and were her support during the hard times and good times as well.

Despite her huge fame, as a mother she always knew to love her kids no matter how difficult things could get or how public their scandals were.

I can't imagine what it must be like to lose a parent especially at an age when they still need their mother's guidance (even in though they're in their 20s, I know that's still an age when we need our  mamás tons!). There is no love like a mother's love and these kids have been vocal about losing her--even still holding out hope that she'll be found alive.

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Before Jenni passed, she had built an empire with her music, reality TV shows, perfume line, clothing line, and syndicated radio show--and the list continues. She was even on the verge of crossover stardom, having just signed a sitcom deal with ABC. Now it's her kids' turn to gain control of the name she had made for herself and her family. So how might each child contribute to the Jenni Rivera empire?

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Janney "Chiquis" Marin 1


Janney, aka "Chiquis", is the eldest daughter of the Rivera clan. The 27-year-old has been in the spotlight for her close relationship with Jenni and established her name on the reality TV shows her mom has starred in and produced (most recently, she made her solo reality show debut when she starred in the Jenni Rivera-produced Chiquis in Control). As the eldest of the Rivera kids, by nature, she is both a sister and mother to her siblings. She eventually joined the family business. Currently she continues to grow in the world of fashion, even becoming involved with her mother’s charity which supports women who have gone through domestic and sexual abuse. Chiquis was definitely being groomed by her mom to take over the empire (despite their disagreements recently), so I can see her taking on the reins of the empire.    


Jacqueline Marin Rivera 2

Jacqueline Marin Rivera

Next up is Jacqui, who also got into the reality TV circuit: Her wedding was aired in November on the TV special, Jenni Rivera Presents: La Boda de mi Hija ( My Daughter’s Wedding). Jenni shared an emotional speech on Jacqui’s wedding day and explained the meaning behind her name: She had been expecting her during her first abusive marriage and knew she wanted to leave for the well-being of Chiquis and Jacqui. She chose Jaqueline because it means strong woman and it’s exactly what she wanted her daughter to be. Jacqui even made Jenni a grandmother for the first time after the birth of her daughter Jayla, who is now 3 years old. She may be the best right hand to help her sister Chiquis help the Rivera empire take the U.S. by storm.


Michael Marin Rivera 3

Michael Marin Rivera

The middle child of the clan, 21-year-old Michael hasn’t always made the best headlines. As the first boy of the family, he probably had a lot to put up with having two older sisters. In December 2010, he embarrassingly made the media buzz with news that he was arrested for having had sex with a minor. Since then, he cleaned up his act and made Jenni a grandmother for a second time after the birth of his daughter, Luna Amiral Marin Ibarra. Who knows, maybe one day Luna will help out the ladies with the family business as well.

Jenicka Lopez Rivera 4

Jenicka Lopez Rivera

A product of Jenni’s second marriage, her fourth child has been dealing with her mother’s unfortunate departure by taking her mourning out on social media networks. The 15-year-old insists that her mother is not dead and she’s not the only sibling keeping hope that their mother is still alive. Jenni's youngest son, Johnny and even Chiquis have expressed their faith via Twitter and Instagram. 


Johnny Lopez Rivera 5

Johnny Lopez Rivera

The youngest of the 5 siblings, Johnny has probably been taking the news of his mother’s death the hardest. The 11-year-old has taken to Twitter to express his sadness and anger towards the media. He and Jenicka had remained hopeful that their mom was still alive. With the tenacity and strength Jenni has raised her kids with, there’s no doubt that they’ll each assume a role in helping to keep the family business alive. Their mom built it from the ground up and it’s up to them to maintain her empire and her legacy.