This year, we saw the release of a lot of bizarre new products. Whether it was a beauty item or a kitchen gadget, it seemed as if I kept having the same reaction over and over again: HUH?! And though some were funny and others kind of gross, for the most part, they were just plain strange.

With this year drawing to a close, we thought we'd take a look back at some of them...partly to reminisce but also to hope that we manage to avoid seeing anything similar to these in 2013! Below, the worst products of 2012:

Worst useless kitchen gadget 1

Worst useless kitchen gadget

The Grilled Cheesus sandwich press turns every grilled cheese sandwich you make into the face of Jesus so that you can...what, exactly? I don't have any idea as to what the purpose is either.


Worst '50 Shades'-themed product 2

Worst '50 Shades'-themed product

As if the 50 Shades phenomenon hasn't already spun completely out of control, now people get the option of wiping themselves with Christian Grey's face? Kinda takes the erotic out of the erotica, no?


Worst uncalled for feminine hygiene product 3

Worst uncalled for feminine hygiene product

A  new Indian product called Clean and Dry Intimate Wash that is designed to actually lighten the color of your vagina was released this year...because apparently, ladyparts that are "too brown" are just not desirable. Cue my rant against society's fixation with vaginas here.

Worst beauty product 4

Worst beauty product

Deo Perfume Candy released an edible deodorant that will allegedly make you smell like roses for hours at a time. the only question is why would you want to EAT your deodorant? 


Worst unnecessarily gendered product 5

Worst unnecessarily gendered product

I genuinely don't understand the sudden trend of turning every day items, like pens, into women-only products...but the Honda Fit She's, designed just for ladies, beats them all. One of their marketing strategies was actually to have the vehicle come in colors made to complement eyeshadows. Barf.



Worst "fashionable" heels 6


Repeat after me: These are not heels, these are weapons. If you fall (which is likely) and your shoe goes flying, you'll probably take someone's eye out.


Worst sexually suggestive fitness tool 7

Worst sexually suggestive fitness tool

This new Korean product is like a shake weight for your thighs, except even more evocative if thats possible. I would not want to watch anyone exercise with this thing!

Worst kinda funny/kinda mean baby product 8

Worst kinda funny/kinda mean baby product

It's the Baby Mop! Okay, technically it's meant as a gag gift but considering the inordinate amount of not-too-intelligent parents out there, someone's bound to think it's real and put their poor, innocent baby to work.


Worst actually dangerous to your baby product 9

Worst actually dangerous to your baby product

The popular Bumbo seat has been recalled multiple times over the last year and has caused multiple injuries and bruising in infants. I think it's time to throw these out for good.