Watch this dog wait patiently while adorable toddler owner plays nearby! (VIDEO)

Nothing is cuter than seeing a child play with their dog--especially when the two seem to be best friends like the adorable toddler in this video and his pet pooch, Watson! In this ridiculously cute clip, a little boy is in the middle of walking his dog when he comes across something he just can't resist.


The boy strolls on a path alongside Watson, holding his leash, when he spots a puddle. He splashes through it once still holding on to the dog, but then obviously finds it so fun that he decides to go back for a few more turns. So, he--very gently--sets down the leash and after giving the dog a look to make sure he doesn't run away, he starts happily running back and forth and splashing in the puddle.

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But the best part?  Instead of taking off like some other dogs would, Watson just stands there, patiently waiting for the young boy to finish his playing. Once he's gotten his fill, the toddler pick up the leash again and they continue their walk. Eeeek, how adorable is that?! This clip seriously brings a huge smile to my face every time I watch it (which I have like three times already!). They are just such a sweet duo!

Plus, the clip brings me back to the simpler days of childhood when puddles were fun, instead of just another hassle to deal with!

Watch the whole video here:

Image via YouTube

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