Dad illustrates how babies are made in most adorable photo series ever!

One of the most awkward questions a parent faces is the dreaded how-babies-are-made question. Well, a Canadian couple may have solved that parenting woe for all moms and dads! Photographer Patrice Laroche of Quebec and his wife Sandra Denis took a hilarious set of pictures at a gas station during Denis' pregnancy depicting...well, how babies are made! Laroche posted it on and the images were so well received, that they have gone viral since.

But how in the world do gas stations and pregnancy relate?!

I absolutely LOVED this concept when I saw it! It is SO adorable, and from a kids' perspective, it may just make sense! It's great that this couple loosened up a heavy topic with such lighthearted pictures that are definitely going to come in handy someday.

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The images depict Sandra when she was pregnant with their daughter, Justine, standing at an air pump as Patrice inserts the hose nozzle into her belly button. Each photo was taken at different times of Sandra's pregnancy and showcases that a baby grows as more air is inserted into her stomach. Ha!

Check out the irresistibly cute pictures below to find out how a baby is born. And maybe even you can use these images to answer your kids' persistent where-do-babies-come-from questions!

Image via Patrice Laroche

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That is so cute and very creative; congratulations to the happy couple!
I thought it the photos needed some help. Had some space so made an slide show at
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