Shakira and Pique tweet first baby ultrasound picture!

The happiness first-time parents feel about our soon-to-be born babies borders on extreme, and these days it can be extreme on social media. That's what Shakira and her boyfriend Gerard Piqué are going through now, as today they shared with the Twitter world an ultrasound photo of the baby that's soon to be born.

"His first photograph #emocionado #lindo," the soccer star wrote, obviously ecstatic about his baby and proud to showing him off by posting his ultrasound image on the web. Up until now, it had been Shaki who had been keeping in touch with her fans, sharing information and photos of her growing belly, but this shows the dad is just as happy and couldn't hide it!


This is a late-pregnancy sonogram, since according to reports, Shakira is due sometime in January. I'm wondering how this could be the first photograph of Shakira's son, because I have these same images of my kids from the time I was 6 weeks along in my pregnancy. Maybe Pique means this is the first they release? Or maybe things are different in Spain?

In any case, the couple has had a few weeks of much activity. They finally moved into the home they built in Barcelona, which Spanish press has nicknamed "The Bunker" because of the high level of security that surrounds it. Piqué, who plays for the Spain national team and local Barcelona team, is starting his soccer season in his home country. He's already been scoring, something that I'm sure is making Shakira very happy. "How much more happiness are you going to give me!" the Colombian star recently tweeted after her boyfriend scored during a game.

For our girl, it must be refreshing to be celebrating her love's victories, after the many years she spent in a weird, dead-end relationship with Argentinean Antonio de la Rua, who never had a career of his own--and who today is really making her life hell with a couple of lawsuits he's filed demanding money from the petite colombiana.

I'm sure for Shak it's just a minor worry in the middle of all her blessings. But that face of happiness that we see in every recent picture speaks for itself! And so does this adorable ultrasound! We are thrilled for Shakira and Piqué and wish them the best in the coming weeks before their little bundle of joy arrives.

Image via Gerard Piqué/Twitter

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