'Grey's Anatomy' recap: Where is Sara Ramirez as new interns enter the hospital?

Did you watch last week's Grey's Anatomy? Man, was it a doozy! A lot of things happened to Sara Ramirez as Dr. Callie Torres. She continued to work on repairing Dr. Derek Sheperd's (Patrick Dempsey) hand, though mostly she was trying to come up with a plan that he actually liked that wouldn't damage the nerves of his left hand further. The BIG news, though, was that she also watched as her wife Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) finally--FINALLY!--went back to work after many, many months of anger. Well, things seem to be improving for her but, then, where was she all episode?!


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I have to admit: this was NOT one of my favorite episodes. It started with the introduction of a bunch of happy new interns setting foot in Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. That would be all fine, except all of the drama with them seriously took attention away from my favorite characters. The nice thing about the episode was that we got to see more of Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Christina's (Sandra Oh) renewed friendship as they scouted the interns and assigned them work. 

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The main drama of the episode was surrounding a 15-year-old girl who is pregnant and went into labor in the hospital. The interns could barely take care of her and one of those new idiots ends up getting into a FIGHT with her at the end! It's seriously insane but, luckily, Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) pulls her off and tells her off. She sort of has an excuse, but it's just not good enough. In the end, these interns are clearly not as good as the original Meredith, Cristina and Alex and Chief-of-Surgery Dr. Owen Hunt  (Kevin McKidd) has to ban them from the hospital. 

It was a pretty crazy first intern day today but, honestly, I just hope we get some more Sara Ramirez next week! 

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