William Levy and his family welcome a new member!

Up until this week, William Levy's family was made up of himself, his wife, Elizabeth Gutierrez, and their two kids, Topher and Kailey, but it seems like Santa Claus visited them a little early and has added a fifth member to their family: an adorable little puppy!

The pup, judging from the photos of the kids that Gutierrez shared on Twitter, could be a Chihuahua mix, and has been christened Bumblebee. When Gutierrez posted, the mom wrote: "The new member of our family."


The name could refer to the insect, but it's more likely the little guy takes his name from one of the main Transformers in the popular movie franchise--which also makes me think the puppy is probably male! Although, the name is so cute, it could be a female doggie. In any case, if the puppy is going to speak Spanish, the name doesn't sound too masculine to me.

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Seriously speaking, the kids seem very happy and already very in love with littel Bumblebee. I hope parents Levy and Gutierrez make them help in taking care of the dog, since it's a great way for kids to start learning about responsibility and self-esteem (even though the dog is still so tiny, just looking at the pictures I'm scared they're going to drop him... or her!).

If dad Levy is anything like the men I know, a small dog was probably not his first choice--as most self-respecting men usually want big dogs. But with all the traveling the family does, I'm sure they needed a smaller dog that would be easy to transport--Bumblebee can go in a dog carrier and travel with them in the plane cabin, where ever they go.

Congratulations to the Levy-Gutierrez famly! This Christmas will be unforgettable, since I'm sure the kids will never forget the day little Bumblebee came into their lives.

Image via Elizabeth Gutierrez/Twitter

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