Adorable baby sings opera along with street performer & sounds amazingly in harmony! (VIDEO)

I've witnessed a lot of crazy street performances in my day, but I've never seen anything quite like the pair in this video! In the clip, a man is standing in a street in Krakow, Poland and singing. Sounds pretty ordinary...except he's accompanied by a little baby who sits alongside him in a stroller and belts out the song in perfect harmony!


Okay, I'm not saying bringing a baby out with you to perform on the street is the best idea in the world…but I'm kind of amazed at how this adorable little child can sing on tune and keep up with the pace of song so easily.

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That's quite a talent for such a young kid. When I was that age, I'm pretty sure I just hummed along and made up fake words to my favorite songs! But not this baby--it sounds even sounds like she adds her own little embellishments to the melody. So freakin' cute…and definitely an unexpected duet to see and listen to!

It's obvious she has an ear for music. With those kind of abilities and that natural charisma, this baby could be a star performer in the making!

Watch the adorable duet take place here:

Image via YouTube

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