If there's something we love more than celebrities, it's celebrities and their pets! We love our furry companions because they light up our day, but we create a bond with them that makes them family. Our favorite celebrities share that same sentiment and have been spotted out and about with their 4-legged friends. I'm sure for the guys it's the ultimate lady magnet, since who can resist an adorable puppy!

Not only are celebrities with pets more relatable, but we love seeing the different types they all own. For example, we've seen Selena Gomez's Baylor go from a puppy to a full grown adult! There's nothing more emotional than seeing pictures of your dog's transformation. Granted I don't have kids yet, but I can guess that's the same feelings parents get when they see their babies grow up!

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Even though my dog is a viejito now, he still acts like a puppy even though he's far from it. When I see others with their new pets it brings me the same excitement I had when I first held my dog. Celebrities seem to agree that dogs are man's best friend because they're always tweeting, Instagramming, or being caught by shutterbugs walking their pets. Some have even opened up about the grievances they've gone through after losing their beloved furry friends.

We've rounded up some of our favorite Latino celebs who have been caught out and about with their pets and we can't decide who makes the cutest couple. Check them out and let us know which of these pets are your favorites!

Image via Splash News

Jessica Alba 1

Jessica Alba

Image via Getty Images

Jessica has been seen out and about with her cuddly pug, Sid Vicious. We can say he looks FAR from what his name suggests!


Mariah Carey 2

Mariah Carey

Images via Getty Images, Mariah Carey/Twitter

Mariah’s Jack Russell Terrier, Cha Cha, must be a high maintenance pup. After all having Mariah as your mom, you only expect the finest dog food and treats!


Eva Longoria 3

Eva Longoria

Image via Splash News


Eva Longoria has been spotted running errands with her Maltese, Jinxy. We wonder if Jinxy is as influential in the dog world as her mommy is in Hollywood and in politics. 

Mario Lopez 4

Mario Lopez

Image via Splash News

The recently wed Extra TV host, has presented to the public his beloved French Bulldog, Julio Cesar Chavez. We fully approve of his name!


Eva Mendes 5

Eva Mendes

Image via The Grosby Group

The lucky Latina who has been seen walking beau, Ryan Gosling’s dog a few times, has also been spotted walking her own pooch. We hope her Belgian Malinois, Hugo, doesn’t get TOO jealous, ha!


Cesar Millan 6

Cesar Millan

Image via Cesar Milan/facebook

The dog trainer and star of TV show The Dog Whisperer has spoken out about his depression and the sadness that overcame him when his beloved Pit bull, Daddy, died this year. Daddy was special to him because he trained him to prove that Pit bulls weren’t all a vicious breed.


Gisele Bundchen 7

Gisele Bundchen

The Brazilian supermodel lost her Yorkshire Terrier, Vida, this past year and even took to her Facebook to express her grief. She reminded us that we should never take for granted the unconditional love dogs have for us and we couldn’t agree more!

Selena Gomez 8

Selena Gomez

Image via Splash News

Selena adopted her Husky mix dog, Baylor, from a shelter last year and this little guy never seemed to leave her sight!


William Levy 9

William Levy

Image via Elizabeth Gutierrez/Twitter

William Levy also recently welcomed a new member into his family: An adorable Chihuahua mix puppy named Bumblebee!