Mariah Carey and kids' chorus sing cutest rendition EVER of "All I Want for Christmas!" (VIDEO)

I'm pretty sure EVERYONE is feeling the Christmas spirit right now--including one of Hollywood's biggest celebs, Mariah Carey! The singer made a surprise appearance on last night's episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and looked super cheerful as she led a group of kids in singing what is probably the most adorable rendition EVER of her hit holiday single, "All I Want For Christmas is You."  


Joined by music group The Roots and a chorus of young kids (who look adorable sporting red hats as they pop up in front of the camera during the chorus), Carey sat in a children's classroom and belted out the uplifting track as Fallon played on a drum and a kazoo alongside her. And though she obviously sounded amazing (that's hardly a surprise), Carey also looked ultra festive in a long, tight red dress with white lacey sleeves.

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Okay, I don't care if it's cheesy--I totally LOVE this song, especially around this time of year. I mean, how can you not?! It's a classic and is the perfect way to instantly get in that happy holiday mood.

Besides, it's really nice to see Carey do a really sweet but simple performance like this one. I feel like these days, we very rarely get to see her in these laidback scenarios. She looks like she's having so much fun and is genuinely happy to be there. Plus, those kids are just so freakin' cute!

Watch the whole performance here:

Image via YouTube

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