If there's one thing Latinos love it's their telenovelas. And 2012 brought us some amazing stories on Univision and Telemundo (Hello, Pablo Escobar, Telemundo's runaway hit!). Now, with 2013 just around the corner, we know that you're heavily anticipating those telenovelas to come. William Levy and a new production of La Reina del Sur are in the line-up--how can you resist?

Why wait till later to find out who is starring in what when you have all you need at your fingertips? Read on to find out what telenovelas we can't WAIT for!

I remember watching novelas with my abuela growing up and even some with my mom. Even though I don't watch them as much now, I sometimes get sucked into the plots. Which is why I've rounded out the top telenovelas in 2013 that you have to check out.

Don't tell us we didn't warn you ahead of time! After all each one has a juicy storyline, we can't resist!

Images via Splash News, Telemundo

El Senor de los Cielos 1

El Senor de los Cielos

Image via Telemundo

The Colombian telenovela stars Rafael Amaya playing Mexican drug lord Humberto Zaira. Zaira was known for trafficking drugs through airports in the United States and Mexico as a pilot for an airline.The notorious drug cartel leader died while getting plastic surgery in order to change his appearance to avoid getting caught by police.It will premiere on Telemundo.


La Reina del Sur 2 2

La Reina del Sur 2

Image via Telemundo

The telenovela based off Mexican drug trafficker Teresa Mendoza is back again on your TVs. The famed drug lord was notorious for running a drug ring in southern Spain--and she was a kickass woman. The Telemundo novela is the most expensive one the studio has produced and will unfortunately not feature part one's Kate del Castillo as the protagonist. It is still unclear who will replace her--but it doesn't matter, don't miss it on Telemundo!


Reina Madre 3

Reina Madre

Image via Getty Images


This remake of Brazilian novela Fina Estampa will showcase the talents of Sonya Smith in a rags to riches story. Smith will play a mother who wins the lottery after struggling her whole life to support her family as a single mother. Finally upon coming onto money she must face the negative side of wealth as others envy her and to maintain her humble self. Don't miss it on Telemundo!

La Tempestad 4

La Tempestad

Image via Splash News

Calling all William Levy lovers! The remake of Colombian telenovela La Tormenta is hitting the small screen this year. William Levy and Daniela Romo will star in a story about a woman who decides to move to her country estate, La Tempestad, as a means to gain back the wealth her family has lost. At the estate she faces greed and envy from her family as she tries to change La Tempestad into a prosperous place. Look for it on Univision.


El Enemigo de Sandra 5

El Enemigo de Sandra

Image via The Grosby Group

This Mexican telenovela, a remake of a 2007 Chilean soap opera about a woman rebelling to live in a macho society in the 1900s, stars Edith Gonzalez and Humberto Zurita. There hasn't been word if it's going to take place back then or in modern times. Look out for it on the Azteca channel in February.


Las Bandidas 6

Las Bandidas

Image via Marco Mendez/facebook

This remake of the telenovela Las Amazonas is about a man who tries to marry off his daughters, but instead they rebel seeking happiness in other areas. The soap opera will star Marco Mendez and Ana Lucra Dominguez. Don't forget to catch it on the Televisa channel this year!


Notas de amor.com 7

Notas de amor.com

Images via Facebook

If you're a Glee fan, then you'll love this soap opera. The telenovela, which stars Marcela Guirado and Cristobal Orellana, will cover topics of adolescence ranging from sex, love, sexuality struggles, and more. The Mexican novela will air on the Azteca channel later in 2013.

A la luz del Angel 8

A la luz del Angel

Image via Martha Higareda/facebook

Martha Higareda plays Antonieta Rivas Mercado, a journalist who made a tremendous change in Mexico. The reporter was most known for opening up Mexico to art and culture. The soap opera will be about her and her sister and the rivalry they develop in addition to getting caught in a love triangle. Catch it later in 2013 on Univision!