With a baby on the way and a new judging gig on The Voice, it seems like nothing could rain on Shakira's parade right now...except, that is, her ex-boyfriend, Antonio de la Rua. The couple split in 2010 after over a decade together, but it looks like de la Rua isn't willing to let her go easily as he just filed a lawsuit against Shaki for $100 million!

Oh, and this is the second time he's attempted to take legal action again her this year. So what the heck is his deal?


The lawsuit papers, filed in New York late last month, claim that Shakira failed to uphold their business agreement and now owes him a significant share of "past and future partnership profits."

Yeesh, talk about a bad breakup! It's pretty sad to see the relationship go south so quickly, considering they spent so many years together...especially because it kinda sounds like the whole thing is just stemming from a bitter need for revenge. Just sayin'.

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Regardless, I hope that Shakira doesn't let this get her down! She has so many things going for her right now that she doesn't need to get caught up in all this drama. She should just focus on her career and most importantly, her growing family!

Besides, if anything, she can take comfort in knowing she's not the only Hollywood star  whose had to go up against a former love. Below, 6 other terrible celebrity ex-boyfriends:

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