At last! Mario Lopez and his fiance Courtney Mazza tied the knot this past Saturday in a very intimate ceremony on the beautiful sandy beaches of Mexico. According to People mag, the closed-doors event took place in a very romantic spot in Punta Mita, where the happy couple celebrated with some mariachis and a unique cake created by famed Cake Boss Buddy Valastro.

Although details of the couple's extravagant nuptials were completely off-limits to all cameras, Eva Longoria was one of the guests and managed to take some pics--which she shared on Twitter and Facebook! Check out some of the images below!

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And for those of you who are just too curious and wondering about the deets of Mario and Courtney's wedding, TLC will be airing their two-hour special Mario & Courtney's Wedding Fiesta, which you can catch next Saturday, December 8. For now, enjoy the Eva's photos!

Mario Lopez sure enjoyed the Mexican food! 1

Mario Lopez sure enjoyed the Mexican food!

Image via Twitter/Eva Longoria


Lopez posted this photo to Eva's Twitter acount a few days before the wedding with the inscription: "Just landed in Mexico for wedding! So excited to be here! ” Get ready Eva :)" We're sure he enjoyed all the amazing food!


Eva enjoyed the Mexican music 2

Eva enjoyed the Mexican music

Image via Twitter

While gettting ready for the ceremony and taking advantage of some time with her mom, Eva enjoyed the sounds of Mexican music. "Me and mama in Mexico listening to mariachis!!" tweeted the excited star.


In fierce battle with her dress! 3

In fierce battle with her dress!

Image via Twitter

Even Eva, like any other of us, had to fight so that the zipper on the dress she was planning to wear would go up. That's why she uploaded this photo with the message: "How many people does it take to zip up a dress?? Apparently THREE!"

It finally zipped! 4

It finally zipped!

Image via Twitter

After her fierce fight, Eva finally conquered the zipper and was able to wear that cobalt blue, one-shoulder beauty--and of course she looked spectacular. "Success!! I can't breathe but the dress looks good!!" she tweeted.


Eva and her mom look beautiful 5

Eva and her mom look beautiful

Image via Twitter

Eva and her mom posed before leaving for the ceremony. They both looked amazing! Lopez's best friend tweeted: "Me and mama reading for and wedding! So excited for the beautiful couple!!" Aw!


It was hot up in that party! 6

It was hot up in that party!

Image via Twitter

Judging by the fan Eva is holding in this pic, it was probably really hot the day of Lopez's wedding. "So fun last night wedding! It was hot!!!" was one of the last messages she posted for the night!