'Revenge' recap: Season 2 winter finale

Things were heating up tonight on Revenge's winter finale season 2 episode 9, "Revelations." With the Grayson Global vote approaching, Emily and Aiden do whatever they can to make sure the vote goes to Daniel.  And yes you can bet that there was blood this time around! Check out a few of tonight's highlights below!


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Ashley & Conrad: Tonight's episode we learned about Ashley and Conrad Grayson's affair back when Victoria had fired her. And it looks like Ems has saved the video footage of the scandal for her next plot. Aiden and Emily make sure that Victoria gets her eyes on the video in an attempt to get Daniel against Ashley after noticing that Ashley was causing Daniel to doubt Aiden. Things get even uglier when Victoria blackmails Ashley to sleep with Grobet and Daniel walks in to find them in a room both in bath robes. Daniel then threatenens Grobet to give Daniel his vote.

Nolan & Nolcorp: Nolan discovers that Daniel has been talking to his ex Marco and now knows about the bank account. But soon learns that Marco didn't seem to give Daniel any details about where the money was placed exactly. Nolan offers to write Daniel a check, but instead Daniel threatens him to give him 51 percent controlling interest in Nolcorp and Nolan's continued services as its CEO or he would expect, interest, penalties and even a potential criminal investigation.

Jack's father's past: Jack and Amanda gather everyone together to celebrate their baby boy's christening. After the service, Jack's father's old buddy, Matt warns him to get out of the deal with Kenny and his brother Nate. He tells him that the two  wanting to come to the bar was no coincidence. The Ryans know that Jack's father and Matt had something to do with the death of their father, Joe. So they find Matt on a deck and almost kill him to death. Meanwhile Jack turns to Nolan to help him look into the Ryans. It turns out the two are after payback and have a few more people on their list that they plan to hurt.

The initiative & Daniel: Daniel doesn't understand that one of the primary reasons why Conrad & Victoria want him to call off the vote is because winning will put him in a lot of danger with the initiative. But when Daniel confronts them both and askes them to provide him with a good reason as to why he should back out, Victoria explains that she is unable to provide him with any reasons.







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