Who is Mexico's First Lady making out with? (VIDEOS)

Telenovela star Angélica Rivera's career started off with a chance encounter, when one day Verónica Castro--who was filming a video on the street--saw Rivera, then just an adolescent, in the midst of all the people who had gathered to check out then Mexican diva and picked her out from the crowd to be featured in her music video. Castro then suggested that she enter a pageant, which she did, and the pretty, fresh-faced Rivera promptly went on to win.

Some time later, Rivera's relationship to the iconic Castro became closer, not only because of their professional collaborations, but because the actress was romantically involved with Castro's brother, television producer José Alberto "El Güero" Castro, with whom Rivera had her three daughters: Angélica Sofía, Fernanda, and Regina.



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During First Lady Angélica Rivera's career she's done everything from act in a Luis Miguel video when she was very young, to participating in more than a dozen telenovelas, such as Angela, Mariana de la noche, La dueña, and--the most popular--Destilando amor, where her role as Gaviota cemented her as one of Mexico's iconic telenovela divas. Even though the actress herself announced her retirement from the world of entertainment to devote herself to the role of wife to then-candidate to Mexico's presidency, Enrique Peña Nieto--and now, after winning in the recent elections, Peña Nieto will be sworn in tomorrow as Mexico's president, making la Gaviota the Mexican First Lady.

I hope that she does well in this new role, which she sort of came upon accidentally, just the way she stumbled on her telenovela career. I hope that just as she's succeeded in telenovelas, she's able to leave a mark in the history of a country that is so hungry for justice and change.

I leave you with some of Rivera's most well-known roles, but most importantly, with her most well-known leading men--and juiciest kisses! We wonder... Does her husband Peña Nieto kiss better than say...

Juan Soler from telenovela Ángela?

 Or maybe it was Francisco Gattorno in La Dueña...

I know! I bet it was  Eduardo Yáñez in her most famous role from Destilando Amor, where she played unforgettable Gaviota...

NOPE! The galán that stole her heart was most definitely her hubby, soon-to-be president Enrique Peña Nieto!

Image via Angélica Rivera de Peña/flickr