'Grey's Anatomy' recap: Sara Ramirez watches over her wife as she FINALLY goes back to work

It's been a long couple of months in the making but it looks like things MIGHT start turning around for Grey's Anatomy's former happiest couple, Sara Ramirez's Dr. Callie Torres and Jessica Capshaw's Dr. Arizona Robbins. 

Last season, everyone seemed to be going fantastically for the couple. They were married and raising a beautiful baby girl. Then there was the still-shocking plane crash that did away with baby daddy Dr. Mark Sloan (Eric Dane) and Arizona's leg--which had to be amputated due to infection. That's when things got REALLY ugly as Arizona just couldn't handle the loss of her leg and blamed everyone, especially her wife Callie.


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In today's episode, titled "I Was Made For Lovin' You", there was a LOT of couple-centric drama. Christina (Sandra Oh) and Owen (Kevin McKidd) questioned their relationship and, just when it seemed that she wanted to get back together, he asked for a divorce. Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) urged husband Derek (Patrick Dempsey) to finally get his hand fixed and then announced that she's pregnant at the end of the episode. Bailey (Chandra Wilson) fought with fiancé Ben (Jason George) over wedding plans because he wanted a big one and she didn't--until she gave in at the end. And, worst of all, Jackson (Jesse Williams) and April (Sarah Drew) faced a pregnancy crisis that ended up with her not being pregnant and him being hurt that she turned down his marriage proposal.

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Meanwhile, things were actually looking much rosier in Callie and Arizona's corner. After getting a prosthetic leg and slowly learning how to walk on it, Arizona felt confident enough to finally get back to work at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. Callie, ever the protective wife, made sure that everything went perfectly. She had an intern follow Arizona around with a wheel chair, just in case she needed to rest, and she made sure that Karev (Justin Chambers) took care of her throughout the day. In fact, he actually paid off a kid to not ask about Arizona's leg. 

Clearly all that Callie wanted was for Arizona's day to go well. In the end, though, Arizona fell! It was a dramatic moment that had me holding my breath until I slowly realized that she was giggling. That's right, she was giggling because she had a great day and realized that she really CAN get back up. And that's what she told her beautiful Latina wife when Callie came home to find Arizona playing with their baby Sofia. It was a sweet scene that promises more happiness to come. All I have to say is: FINALLY!

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