Watch as this adorable dog imitates a crying baby!

As a pet owner, I've noticed all the funny and silly things my dog has done throughout the years. So it didn't surprise me when I saw the cutest video ever of a dog trying to imitate a baby's cries. In this hilarious video, a baby cries while the family husky howls along with him. Dogs have such an interesting way of communicating with us that I wouldn't be surprised if he was really trying to talk to the baby!


But I just can't help but wonder if that ever becomes a headache for that mom... The howling PLUS the crying would surely drive me crazy. What would be even more amazing is if there was any way to train the dog to sing a duet with the little boy when he's older. How bizarre would that be?!

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There have been many instances when my dog does the same as the dog in the video, but in his case, he howls whenever the telephone rings at home. Either he doesn't want people calling, or he's advising my family to hurry up and get the phone. I'd love to know what's behind some of these strange pet behaviors!

I'm pretty sure they wish they could learn to understand us as well, which would be great because then my dog could bring me my slippers whenever I'm too lazy to walk across the room. In the meantime, enjoy this video that's so cute, you can't help but laugh and say "AWWW!"

Image via YouTube

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