William Levy is looking for love in 2013! (VIDEO)

At last, we know what the future holds for our favorite telenovela hunk William Levy! Next year, Levy will be starring in Mexican telenovela La Tempestad, a remake (yes, yet another remake) of the Colombian production of La Tormenta.

The star will also get to choose his leading lady, and it's been reported that he's set to start screen tests with various actresses during the first 2 weeks in December. However, well-known telenovela diva Adela Noriega seems to be the frontrunner.


The telenovela's producer, Salvador Mejía, confirmed to the Mexican press that the Cuban actor will be playing Captain Fabre, "a mystical character, very old-fasioned, and a bit savage, but very manly, very virile," the producer said. Is it me, or is it getting hot in here?

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"He's a really complex, difficult character," Mejia adds. "He's very difficult, and in fact, [Levy] had to alternate with him, they fight all the time. William loves the character. We want him to make it his, now that he's so Hollywood!"

Now, before I get skewered for what I'm about to say, let me just point out that Levy's possible protagonist, Adela Noriega, is around my age--which is why I think I can admit she's a little old for the starring role! Official biographies place her at about 11 years Levy's senior...and we all know us women tend to show our age a little more. Don't you think?

The story revolves around the female protagonist, who is an city-dwelling woman who knows nothing about life in the countryside, but she (surprise, surprise!) has to move to a farm in the middle of nowhere in order to save her family's fortune. Of course--it IS a telenovela after all--she falls in love with the earthy foreman.

The only other actress that producer Mejía confirmed was part of the cast was Daniela Romo, the iconic singer who is now cancer-free and trying to restart her career. (Side note: How GREAT was it seeing her at the Latin Grammys last week? I loved it!)

Even though I hope that the leading lady chosen to star alongside Levy has great chemistry with him, honestly what I care most about is that I'll be able to see him again daily on my TV screen! YES! Even though, I know the debut of this telenovela is probably a far way off (here's the math: They start filming in February, it'll be on Mexican television mid-year, and on TV here in the States is in the fall of next year), I can wait. For now, check out the trailer for the Colombian telenovela on which this one will be based... just imagine Levy in place of this one's Christian and you'll see why I can't wait!


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