Hilarious cat interrupts Univision weather report and totally steals the show!

I love watching the news because I'm always on the lookout for bloopers. This one in particular was not only cute, but hilarious. During a Univision weather segment, a random cat walked onto the set as meteorologist Eduardo Rodriguez was presenting the forecast. The sudden moment the cat appears on screen, you can hear the staff at the TV station cracking up in the background.

But in true professional form, Rodriguez continued his segment without stopping or making mention of the cat. Without even as much of a glance away from the prompter, Rodriguez focused on his forecast, but it's guaranteed that viewers weren't paying attention to south Florida's weather! The furry feline sure knew how to steal the spotlight, but where did it come from?


There's nothing better than an animal blooper to liven up a newscast! At least it interrupted during a lighthearted segment instead of a depressing one. According to Univision's Tumblr page, the TV station's area has recently been swarming with cats that sometimes sneak in to the studio.

The way its gray tail appears at the bottom of the screen is priceless. Originally I thought it was an image projected onto the screen, until I saw the kitty in full view!

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Check out the hilarious blooper for a good laugh and tell us below what you think!

Image via YouTube

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