'The Voice' recap: Christina Aguilera fights to keep final contestant in the game

With only weeks to go before The Voice finals, the top 8 contestants must have definitely been feeling the pressure when they took the stage tonight. I was...and I'm just watching the show! But the singers weren't the only ones feeling the heat. If America decides they're not a fan of two performers (or in Christina Aguilera's case, one performer) from the same team, one of the coaches--with the exception of Cee Lo, who has all 3 of his members still in the game-- could potentially be knocked out of the competition during tomorrow's eliminations!

So how did they do? 


As has been the case in the last few weeks, all of the singers were eerily good, making the decision for the viewers harder than ever. 

Aguilera's only remaining team member, Dez Duron, made his coach proud with his rendition of "You Smile."  Duron, who has quickly become the heartthrob of the show, had the audience--particularly the ladies--screaming and even getting Xtina to give him a standing ovation (and shower him with praise). Though it wasn't my particular favorite performance of the night, I have a strong feeling that he'll be safe...if only because of Aguilera's pleas to America to vote! Seriously, it's pretty clear she does NOT want to be knocked out, because she was selling her final singer hard.  She was nowhere near as enthusiastic about any of the other contestants!

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Team Adam's 17-year-old Melanie Martinez took on "Too Close," a song that she said reflects how she's feeling right now as she recently went through a breakup (aww). For this performance, she took a trick from the original playbook she used in her audition, playing the guitar and a tambourine with her feet. And once again, Martinez, who almost seemed on the verge of tears at some point, showed off a more powerful vocal, projecting her typically softspoken voice. Though she's a real favorite of mine and this was one of her better performances, I have to admit I am worried about her this week! With the competition getting more intense among the amazing vocalists, it's hard to figure out who will stay and who will be sent home.   

Another standouts of the night was Trevin Hunte, who once again nailed it with his version of "The Greatest Love of All." That boy can really do no wrong! He can saaang, plain and simple. I also seem to fall more and more in love with Nicholas David's voice everytime he sings. He is so soulful and somehow already a legend--even without being signed yet!

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