'Revenge' recap: Flashback to 2006

Tonight's Revenge season 2, episode 8 "Lineage", really gave us a better understanding of some of the show's characters. The episode flashbacked to 2006 with Victoria Grayson's evil mother surprising her with an unexpected visit on Thanksgiving and Emily embarking on her first mission under Takeda's training.  Check out a few of tonight's highlights below!


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Victora's evil mother: There's a reason Victoria Grayson is so merciless. She has a mother who's ten times as evil as her and was the worst role model you could possibly think of. At only 15 years old, Victoria's mother kicked her to the curb out of fear that the next man would fall for Victoria just like her previous boyfriend did. Talk about insane! Victoria tells the whole story to her mother's current boyfriend over dinner who later walks away from the table stating that he doesn't want to have anything to do with her.

Emily's first mission with Takeda: The episode opens up with Emily undercover in a bar where she crosses paths with Aiden (whose working as a bartender) for the first time. Emily whose been assigned to take down a human trafficking team who was associated with the terroism attacks her father was falsely accused of, also meets Ashley for the first time in 2006. Ashley wasn't always the preppy, polished wannabe socialite you recognize her as. But instead a late night party girl looking to make an easy extra couple of bucks.

Nolan and Nolcorp: Nolan really started to gain success with Nolcorp in 2006 after going public. But Nolan ends up in a messy situation with his CFO and lover, Marco Romero after he discovers that a large share of the company's stocks are missing. Nolan explains that it was given to David Clarke's daughter Amanda Clarke and Romero is outraged that Nolan has given this money to a terroist's daughter. When the episode switches back to the present time in the end, we see Daniel give Romero a phone call. Would he help Daniel use Grayson Global to take over Nolcorp?

The Porter family secret: Jack may be one of the nicest guys on the show, but his dad seemed to have been up to some shady business back in 2006. His father was apparently involved in some illegal dealings that will later seriously affect his sons. One including a killing!





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