'The Voice' recap: Only 8 remain after SHOCKING elimination!

NOOOOO. Those were my thoughts tonight when it finally hit me that two of the 10 very talented finalists on The Voice were going to go home. After some amazing performances last night, it's hard for me to understand how anyone could've been possibly eliminated. But, America made its choices...and I have to admit I was left in utter shock!


Before the announcements were made, Christina Aguilera AGAIN took the stage, this time with her two remaining team members to perform a third single from her new album. Rocking a cropped 'do, the Latina diva and her two finalists lit up the stage...and it was a good thing they did, because it ended up marking the last performance for one of the singer. 

In a move that I really didn't see coming, Team Xtina vocalist Sylvia Yacoub and Team Adam (and one of only 2 remaining Latino contestants) Bryan Keith were sent home after not gaining enough votes to continue in the competition. I was completely surprised, seeing as both Yacoub and Keith have been two of the most consistently solid singers throughout the entire season and both performed well in last night's live shows.  

But while I'm sad to see both of them go, I have to admit I feel especially bad for Keith! I think his soulful voice can sound good reciting the phonebook, so I was very stunned by America's decision and definitely didn't agree with it. Still, I have no doubts he will go on to have a great career someday.

The good news is that some of my favorites did stick around. 17-year-old Latina teen Melanie Martinez made it through and her song even made it on the top 10 of iTunes, as did Cassadee Pope's, who was also saved.  And I was also glad to see that Team Cee Lo member Nicholas David and Dez Duron, now the ONLY member of Team Xtina left, also advanced. 

Whew! Aguilera better work really hard to make sure Duron stays in game because she has no shot at finally winning the competition if she has no contestants.

Meanwhile, the rest of us are going to have to wait to see how the coming weeks play out. 

Image via NBC

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