Most women expect their wedding day to be flawless. From the dress to the reception décor, if anything goes wrong, some brides become the ultimate bridezillas. And God forbid the wedding photos come out anything less than perfect. I can't say I blame them because after all, they are probably shelling out LOTS of money for this joyous ceremony.

But there are just some things that don't go as planned that you have to laugh at. For example, we found the funniest wedding photobombs of all time--and I'm sure even the brides found them hilarious...after a few days. I


I would hope that when my time comes, my wedding day will go entirely as I planned. I know I'll have to prepare for mishaps and as long as they aren't serious (like, oh, I don't know, a runaway groom), and I'm sure I'll deal with it as calmly as possible. For now though, I enjoy looking at married couples' wedding photos and even getting a good laugh out of them when they have a good photobomber.

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If you're looking to for a mood lifter or are preparing for your own special day, these photobomb wedding pictures will crack you up. Trust us; you'll want to share them with your friends or bridal party!


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