'The Real Housewives of Miami' recap: Facing the enemy, the baby question, the in-laws...

The Real Housewives of Miami returns tonight, and we're back on opposite sides of the table between Elaine Lancaster (is she oficially a Housewife yet?) and Marysol. The two sit down at Patton Group's office to try and clear the air over all the nonsense that has drained them for way too long—on one side, cool as a cucumber Elaine and on the other Marysol who struggles to get off the "Leah hates Marysol train" (as she puts it), ready to apologize. Is this olive branch enough to smooth things over?


After three miscarriages, Lisa's dream (and her in-laws!) is to start a family. Dealing with the pressure of Lenny's parents is one thing, but Lisa is obviously extremely frustrated by her inability to carry to term. The self proclaimed 'professional housewife' wants to become a mom so badly, that she overcomes her phobia of needles when she explores accupuncture to try to make her dream come true.

It appears as though Karent too seems to be hearing the same clock ticking. Her scheme to address her need to start a family with boyfriend Rodolfo is like something we've never heard of before, something quite convenient for someone who's a dentist by profession. While having him on her dental chair and submitting him to an unscheduled dental cleaning, Karent throws the bomb. Poor Rodolfo nearly chokes when she suggests to him that freezing an embryo might be worth considering. Clearly, he's NOT prepared to have more kids right now. And we wonder if Karent's urge to have a family might just be like a time bomb for her relationship.

Frederic's parents visit Miami from France, and Adriana plans a 50th wedding anniversary party for them. Their's might not have been a love at first sight, but a lasting 50 years of marriage is amazing (a huge lesson for Adriana who admits to still having huge trust issues in her relationship). The party is a success and, surprisingly so, everyone escapes without a single scratch.

Talking about parties... Lisa hosts a seder, a dinner party to honor her in-law's Jewish traditions. She cooks with Marina, her mother-in-law, addresses her guests with a beautiful toast, and even manages to get a compliment or two from Marina who seems to always be taking jabs at her. Gotta give it to Lisa for showing us some worthy and mature Housewife moments. Will there be more in the future? We'll see what happens in Bimini next week!

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