'The Real Housewives of Miami' recap: Childish guests and a vulgar host

Tonight's episode of The Real Housewives of Miami has Lea and Elsa having a friendly drink to discuss Marysol and Elaine's ongoing feud. In an attempt to clear the water, the two have probably the most mature conversation I have seen in this season of RHOM yet.

At Lisa Pliner's Shoe Fashion Show (Hello! Now we're talking!) all the ladies find a common ground to meet, sort to speak. Kiss, kiss! But the tension is there. So you have Joanna and Adriana stand next to one another but look in different directions, and we all know about the rumors of a possible lawsuit against De Moura for the physical aggression incident against Joanna. 


It's not until Elaine's big wig makes the grand entrance that ears start ringing (Marysol's in particular) and we secretly hope—finger's crossed! –that this night has a new cat fight in store for us… Of course Elaine is just ticked off that Marysol seems to keep plotting against her by telling others not to hire her to MC their events. Now, truth of the matter is, if you see the two of them standing next to each other, Elaine has to have a good three feet of height advantage over Marysol, and that's not a fair fight at all if you ask me. Where we are left in this he said, she said, he said back and forth is totally confusing. All I know is things come to a head and suddenly Marysol is (as she herself describes it) rhino-charged!

Karent hosts a dinner party at Thomas Kramer's place (the German real estate developer we saw a few episodes ago). The guy is just horny as anything. Even Elsa is swept off her feet with compliments from him. He doesn't discriminate, which according to Ana is not the case with Karent who only is attracted to well known and wealthy people. "She's not going to hang out with the regular Joe, that has nothing to offer. She's looking for somebody that brings some attention to… Karent", says Ana. Funny how that pair, Karent and Thomas, raises Elsa's suspicion of an affair!

Friendships during dinnertime are tested for sure during the soirée—Joanna and Karent's, Ana and Marysol's, —but Thomas sets the rules in his house and his rule's evidently don't include having proper host manners. Poor Elsa was trying to get everyone to settle down when he just explodes and snaps at her in the MOST DISRESPECTFUL MANNER possible!!! Only pole dancing on top of the dinner table can get everyone to laugh. And it did!

Never a dull moment in RHOM!

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