Boo, 'World's Cutest Dog,' goes on a Christmas Adventure

What's better than the holidays? The world's cutest dog Boo AND Christmas! Boo is back and he's just as excited as I am for the upcoming holiday season. What's there not to love about the most anticipated time of the year?

But have you even been curious as to what the cutest dog in the world could want for Christmas? I mean, he already has over 6 million fans on his Facebook page and I'm sure he has everything a pup could want. In his latest video he shows us what he hopes Santa brings him for Christmas and I have to say it's quite the list!


Even though pets can't speak, they're still an important staple in the family. I still get my dog a present every Christmas whether or not he understands the special occasion. He doesn't complain and is always so grateful to receive a gift on Christmas or any other day of the year!

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Boo in particular is asking for lots of special things this year from iPads to a giant bone. Heck, even I'd like to get an iPad!  I wonder if some of the items on his wish list are the same one on my dogs…hmm…

In this adorable video, watch Boo and his brother Buddy pay Santa a visit. Find out if Boo gets that shiny red toy Mercedes Benz car he asked for....The cuteness may just to be too much to handle!

Image via YouTube

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