Meet little Meysi, an adorable contender for World's Smallest Dog! (VIDEO)

Get ready for a whole bunch of overwhelming cuteness! In what is probably the most adorable video I've ever seen in my entire life, viewers get to see more of Meysi, the mini terrier who is currently in the running for the crown of world's smallest dog!


Meysi is a 3-month-old terrier from Jarocin, Poland that weighs--wait for it--3.25 ounces…only slightly bigger than a hamster! EEP, isn't that the cutest thing you've ever heard?

But as seen from the clip below, what Meysi lacks in size, she makes up for with her big personality. When confronted with normal-sized objects (all of which pretty much tower over her), Meysi goes crazy and starts bouncing around in an excited burst of energy! Aww!

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In the video, little Meysi first goes after a can of Coke, which looks freakishly GIANT compared to her ridiculously teeny body. She gets equally frenzied over a teddy bear, jumping on and running around the stuffed animal like a miniature maniac!

Isn't she so sweet?! Look at that face! How can anyone help but fall in love with her? I wonder if her owners find it hard to keep track of her. She's so small, she literally fits into a shoe!  But I especially love that while other small dogs are easily frightened, she obviously doesn't let her size stop her from being a fierce, fearless little thing!


Image via YouTube

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