'Grey's Anatomy' recap: Sara Ramirez takes care of Meredith's daughter during difficult surgery

In today's much-anticipated Grey's Anatomy episode, we see the parallel lives of best friends Dr. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital and Dr. Christina Yang (Sandra Oh) at Mayo Clinic. 

Although the two are separated by many miles, their lives reflect into one another as they deal with their jobs and difficult cases. It's not a pretty road. In fact, tonight's episodes is one of the saddest of the season in a season that has me crying almost every other minute--but they have their loved ones pitching in, including Dr. Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez) helping to babysit Meredith's adorable daughter Zola. 


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Meredith is driving when she sees a car accident, with the woman who was on a bike trapped underneath the car--a situation that really reflects the plane crash they just survived and that inadvertently reminds Meredith of dead sister Lexie. She strives to save the patient, while nothing seems to go right in the beginning and Dr. Richard Webber (James Pickens, Jr.) worries that her judgement is clouded. 

She ends up having to take the patient into surgery a second time, while worrying about who is taking care of her daughter, but it all goes according to plan (including an adorable 30-second dance party) and the patient recovers. 

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Meanwhile, Christina's mirrored life had her working with Dr. Thomas (William Daniels) on a difficult aneurysm case--something which she is getting almost yelled at because Dr. Parker (Steven Culp) is trying to get him to retire. The problem is that if Dr. Thomas' patient dies, he will get fired. Christina doesn't want that to happen and actually tries to talk him out of the surgery, but he assures her that if it's his time to get fired, he'd rather be fired for something he believes in, like fighting for his patient's life. Sweet, right? 

Well, then possibly one of the worst things happens. As they're working on their patient and Dr. Thomas is teaching Christina, he gets a far-away look in his eyes and falls backwards. He actually DIES as Christina keeps working on her patient. The patient is okay, but Dr. Thomas is gone. I definitely shed a tear then...

It was a shocking ending, to tell you the truth. But then things got a little better as Christina arrived at Meredith's house and the two best friends hugged, seeing each other for the first time in months. Does this mean that Christina is back? Is she done with Mayo Clinic? Will her and Owen get back together? Those are the things that went through my head but, mostly, I was glad to see them back together. 

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