Mariah Carey unveils special song made just for President Obama (VIDEO)

If there's one thing Mariah Carey is known for besides her voice, it's her ability to work timing to her advantage. Almost immediately after President Barack Obama's reelection was announced last night, the singer (who has long since been an open supporter of Obama) released a new song in which she pays tribute to our commander in chief!

And honestly, I'm not at all surprised. Only a diva like Carey could pull off a move like that, right?


The song, entitled "Bring it on Home," is a slower-paced, emotional ballad in which Carey seems to celebrate Obama's ability to lead America and help it become a better, stronger nation. "We just everyday people trying to make it through the pain," she sings in the opening verse. "Yet we intentionally hurt each other playing silly games. But when it comes down to win or lose, don't give up the fight. Strength is what we need, and love can save our lives."

The song then breaks out into a gospel-sounding chorus, in which Carey seemingly encourages Obama and his followers to "bring it on home."

You gotta hand it to her...she knows how to get people buzzing about her and her music. I mean, who else would have a practically election-themed song ready and waiting? I think the only other female vocalist who I could see rivaling her in promotional abilities is—who else?-- fellow Latina, Christina Aguilera. I'm actually surprised Carey beat her to the punch here!

But all joking aside, the message of the song is actually pretty inspiring. And, as usual, Carey's unparalleled voice sounds amazing.

Take a listen here:


Image via Splash News

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