'Grey's Anatomy' recap: Sara Ramiez's wife gets a fake leg--but hates it!

Hey, if I were her, I wouldn't exactly love my situation right now. My best friend is dead. The love of his life is head, too. Oh yes, and my baby has nobody to call "dad". That's pretty much the situation that Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez) is facing and it's not exactly easy to deal with. 

Her wife hates her, her best friend is dead, so what's she going to do? That's pretty much up to this season of Grey's Anatomy to decide--and see what exactly happens now.


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In an episode that didn't feature Callie much, we sure got to see a lot of what is happening behind the scenes. Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) isn't doing so well. She's still angry about her leg being amputated and, although she's finally being fitted for a prosthetic leg, she's not exactly happy about the whole thing. In fact, at one point, she falls over on Karev (Justin Chambers) when he comes to check on her.

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There wasn't a lot of excitement going on. Except, of course, that the episode started with Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek (Patrick Dempsey) having sex--all while Christina (Sandra Oh) and her coworker get dirty, too. All this down-and-dirty stuff is pretty typical of Grey'S Anatomy, though, and the real story is going to remain in what really happens to the characters. 

When it comes down to Callie, she still has a lot to deal with but it does seem to get slightly better. Arizona invited her to relax on the couch together, which is one of the most couple-y things that two people can do together. Does this mean they're on the road to recovery? I sure hope so!

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