Cute baby plays it super cool after frog jumps on her face! (VIDEO)

Anything involving babies playing with animals is sure to make you smile, but this super funny video of an adorable 10-month-old girl and one particularly vivacious frog is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.


One British mom took to YouTube to upload this clip of her daughter and older son playing with a bucket of small frogs….and I'm so glad she did because it's hilarious. The camera first captures the two kids staring in awe at the animals. As the obviously fascinated little girl reaches out to touch one of the creatures, the frog suddenly leaps out of the bucket…and straight onto her cute little face!

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While the mom screams in surprise and the older brother falls into hysterical giggles, the baby herself barely reacts at all. In fact, even up until the point where the mom reaches out to swat the frog away from her face, it seems like her daughter still hasn't noticed anything has happened.  

Wow, either this baby was blissfully unaware or she is one cool costumer.  I think I probably would've been screaming my head off if something leaped on to MY face. I just hope her parents gave her a good bath afterwards!

Watch the hilarious video here:

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