With just three weeks until November's presidential election, campaigning on both sides is in full force and it seems like everyone, including some of Hollywood's biggest celebrities, has been putting in their two cents on who should win. The latest star to speak out on behalf of a candidate? Rosie Perez! In an awesome and hilarious new political ad, the beloved Latina actress joins forces with the Obama team to show her support for the president's re-election.

In the clip, Perez pokes fun at the recent remarks Mitt Romney made in a leaked videotape, which captured him saying that it "would be helpful to be Latino" in this presidential race and that had his parents been of actual Mexican descent, he'd "have a better shot of winning this."  Instead of simply calling him out however, Perez goes one step further, sarcastically depicting sympathy at Romney's so-called dilemma.

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"Oh my goodness, what if you were just a little bit gay Mitt? Think of all the advantages you'd have," she says excitedly. "No! Wait for it…what if you had a vagina?!"

 HAHA! Okay, as an open and avid Obama supporter, I know I am biased, but I don't care what anyone says--this ad is freaking hilarious, not to mention completely true. Romney's comments were insulting and insensitive to the community, who is obviously not as easily swayed as he apparently thinks....and I just love that Perez is putting Romney in his place by giving him a taste of his own medicine.  

Watch the whole thing here:

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i LOVE Rosie PErez and she really puts her money where her mouth is! She has been such a tireless activitist for so many years! Pa'lante :)


Haha, she's hillarious!! :)

ML Cathy

Gotta love her keeping it real here & telling him like it is!

Yeah...because when you're unemployed, and can't pay the bills, it's good to know celebrities like her that make lots of money can be so trivial. ROMNEY/RYAN 2012!!!!
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